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Man in New York Apartment (2019) Christmas

Bonsai For Christmas - クリスマスのための盆栽


Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018 May 5th, 6th @Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan

illustrations for Fuji Latex SKYN EXTRA LUB

Charity campaign for HIV #ふたりがずっと気持ちいい

東京レインボープライド 2018 5月5日(土)、6日(日) 開催 @代々木公園

iR素材No.1コンドームブランド 不二ラテックス SKYN EXTRA LUB ブース イラスト担当

SKYN EXTRA LUB Amazon製品ページ

HIV啓発キャンペーン #ふたりがずっと気持ちいい

日本最大級のゲイ向け情報サイト GENXY × SKYN コラボページ

Model: Max Emerson (マックス・エマーソン) Instagram: @maxisms


App アプリ


Free Game App for iOS and Android

OTOKO TOWER Game App for iOS & Android by otokonokotoOTOKO TOWER Game App for iOS & Android by otokonokotoOTOKO TOWER Game App for iOS & Android by otokonokotoOTOKO TOWER Game App for iOS & Android by otokonokotoOTOKO TOWER Game App for iOS & Android by otokonokoto

LINEスタンプ  LINE Sticker

otokonokoto LINE Stickers LINEスタンプ

Boys, Boys Boys vol.1

OTOKONOKOTO LINE Sticker "Boys, Boys, Boys vol.2"

Boys, Boys, Boys vol.2

ViiV Healthcare
otokonokoto design for viiv healthcare otokonokoto design for viiv healthcare otokonokoto design for viiv healthcare

東京 新宿2丁目仲通り HIV啓発 看板広告 420cm x 210cm  (2014 – 2016) Shinjuku Nichome, Tokyo, Japan

東京 浅草 イントラビル 看板広告 (2015 -2016) Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

東京 上野 石井ビル 看板広告 (2015 – 2016) Ueno, Tokyo, Japan

大阪 梅田 堂山交差点南東角 屋上 看板広告 (2015 – 2016) Doyama, Osaka, Japan

愛知 名古屋 中区栄5丁目・瓦通沿い/池田公園南 看板広告 (2015 – 2016) Sakae, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

愛知 名古屋 中区栄5丁目・瓦通沿い/栄NAEビル 看板広告 (2015 – 2016) Sakae, Nagoya, Aichi, Japn

Design For ViiV Healthcare



ViiV Healthcare



Antivirus Magazine Interview

Interview For Antivirus Magazine (in Greek)



Man With L'oeil Oneway Bracelet BlackMan With L'oeil Mediterranean BraceletMan With L'oeil Stone Bracelet BlackMan With L'oeil Mediterranean Bracelet And WatchMan With L'oeil Stone Bracelet Power
L’oeil is a jewelry brand founded in Stockholm, Sweden early 2012.

Man With Henten Bag 1Man With Henten Bag 2Man With Henten Bag 3
HENTEN is a Barcelona, Spain based company dedicated to produce The Genuine Leather Bag.


HEAPS Magazine - LGBT Life Style - illustrations by otokonokoto
Heaps Magazine is the digital magazine based on NYC. You can download it for free on App store.

Men Reading Men's Club

MEN’S CLUB (メンズクラブ) 6月号 (2014年4月24日発売)

Kirameki Mag Fall Issue 2013 otokonokoto back coverKirameki Mag otokonokotoKirameki Mag otokonokoto

otokonokoto Back Cover & Interview For KIRAMEKI MAG Fall Issue 2013
Print issue & digital issue now available on Magcloud:

MENCH'D - Art For MENCH'D - gay dating app -
MENCH’D – gay dating app


How To Eat Ramen for Ramen Yebisu New York
Ramen Yebisu – New York
126 North 6th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211
718 782 1444

Woman With ParrotMan VloggingMermanMan In Kimonoとにかく明るい安村 Tonikaku Akarui YasumuraMan In Bath 3FenceMan With MagazineMan With LaptopMan With Wine BottlesMan Eating PretzelMan With DuckGentle ManHuman Eating Banana - Work for Soccer Player Dani Alves #weareallmonkeysMan With Beats - Art For Beat By Dr.DreSplashMan Biting Chocolate Chip Cookie - Cookies for Everyone, Sports For Everyone - Work For OlympicsMan In FundoshiMan On White HorseMan Eating Cotton CandyHot Santa - "Merry Christmas!"Young Man - BackYoung Man - FrontMan Wearing Perfume - Dedicated To Marilyn MonroeTurkey ManMan With Pillow 2Man In Mauve BriefsMen In Onsen (Hot Spring Bath)Man With Tan LinesMan With PillowMan Eating Cup RamenMan With Toy Airplane - Art For Brad - Instagram @mrshoremanMan Eating Chocolate Ice CandyMan Eating Banana Tokyo Ver. - Art For Tokyo 2020 Olympics & ParalympicsMan LyingPanda Man 2Man Drinking Beer 3Man With Mosquito3 Boy, 1 Blanket - Work For Gaudy God - Instagram & Twitter @gaudygodMan With Beach BallLittle BoyMan Eating Hot Dog"Run Into My Arms!"Man Suffering From Summer HeatMan HoopingMan With SunglassesMan With BinocularsMan DJing - Art For Ryan Ress - Instagram @the_ryzee_tripperSafe Love - Art For HIV/AIDSMan Staring At The Ceiling"It's A Secret!!" - Everybody Has SecretsCosplayer Me/Me - Comic - Anime - FilmMan Lying DownMan Eating Rice CrackersTennis - Art For The Championships, WimbledonMan Drinking Wine - Art For Simon Knight - Instagram @ifoundsimonNOH8 - Art For NOH8CampaignBubbles米 - This kanji means rice in Japanese/Chinese. Bling Bling - Art For Trill - Instagram @kushdonnatella - Twitter @dzadadonArmy Guy - Art For Tyler - Instagram @tylerweFlight Attendant - Art For Jye - Instagram @jyecME/ME - Art For YOU/YOUMan Bending OverMan In Style - Art for Chester JuGlory Hole - Sticker Art by otokonokotoTokyo BoyMan With CameraMan Doing SomethingBubble ButtMan With Toy Box - art for instagram @n0h0m0br0Man In Foggy MirrorMan With BubblesMan With CockMan In American Apparel Grey White Stripe V-neck T-shirt - instagram @atholl7Man PeepingMan Blowing Bubble GumMan With Ginger AleMan With Plane Ticket - Art For Japanese Gay Porn Star Koh Masaki (真崎航)男体盛り Nantaimori - Man Serving Sashimi On His Body Man In White BriefsMan StretchingMan Eating Edamame - Art for Sean Paul Lockhart aka Brent CorriganMan Swimming CrawlMan In I Love NY T-ShirtAssJump Rope ManMan With OctopusBoy With Swim Ring - Instagram @rainbowsodapopNipplesLost SwimwearMan In BathtubMan In American Apparel x BUTT Magazine T-shirtGay KissGay KissSam DollMan Playing With His NipplesBoys Sometimes CryBoys Sometimes CryMorning CoffeeListen To My Love SongMan Eating Pastrami SandwichMan Getting HadoukenedHadouken!I HATE YOU! I LOVE YOU...Pickle Guy - The Pickle Guys, Lower East Side, New York CityDouble Scoop Ice CreamMarriage Equality - Art For Human Rights CampaignMan Lighting CigaretteNo FlightHello LouieMan With TulipMan In Bold Tank Top BlackMan In Bold Tank Top WhiteMan In Athletic Union SuitMan With Yellow SwallowtailMan With Black ButterflyMan Taking Bubble BathBear Cat Dog311 Sunrise JapanMan Drinking Beer 1Man With GeckoBoy On The BeachMan With LadybugMan SmokingSweaty GeekBoy With Stag BeetleMan Eating BananaMan With Face PackMan With RoseMan With Orange ButterflyPanda ManMan With Blue ParakeetMan Eating AppleMan Listening To MusicMan In Yellow BriefsMan In Jockstrap With Cell PhoneMan In Light Blue BriefsMan In Fundoshi BackMan In Fundoshi Front


Cosplayer Me/Me - Anime - Comic

COMIC / ANIME / FILM – MeMe Character Profile

Name: ???
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Birthdate: June 24
Birthplace: New York City
Ethnicity: Half Japanese and Half American
Height: 5’10” (178cm)
Weight: 150lbs (68kg)
Sexuality: Gay
Occupation: Design student who is aiming to be a fashion designer
Hobbies: Cosplay, Karaoke

??? is a half Japanese/American guy who is a fashion design student/cosplayer in New York City.

He wants to be a fashion designer and makes clothes and costumes for Lady Gaga.

He has a lot of clothes and costumes in his closet.

He transforms into anything he wants with his costumes.

He’s a new hero/heroine.

He is in love with a superstar who is in the closet.

Yes, he’s gay.

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